musicBOOK – listen the way you like

MORS Media is developing a new form of haptic music experience in our increasingly networked digital world. The musicBOOK combines the best of both worlds: the haptic impression of an album to the music and the possibility to experience the music to the album in many different ways.

In the past, music lovers spent evenings listening to records, looking at the covers and losing themselves in the music. They appreciated and still appreciate the added value of the warm, natural sound dynamics of vinyl. The shift to digital music and streaming services makes it convenient to access an almost infinite selection of music, but on the other hand, many people lack the physical connection to music.

With the musicBOOK, MORS Media has set itself the task of making music tangible again and enabling people to experience it in a variety of ways. The musicBOOK is not just a record cover, but a packaging with a concept. The musicBOOK offers all the possibilities of the analogue and/or digital listening experience.

„Listen the way you like” is the motto!

“We asked ourselves how music can be experienced again without “just” jumping on the renaissance bandwagon of vinyl records,” Kristina emphasises. The musicBOOK not only allows consumers to experience music again, it also offers artists the opportunity to add another dimension to their works. In addition to the auditory perception of the music, musicians have the freedom to package and transport visual and tactile impressions in order to create an overall audiovisual concept from a vision.

Thanks to the large format (the same as an LP cover), there is room for high-resolution download and streaming links as well as digital data carriers and even long-playing records. Collectors can thus expand their record collection or bookshelf in the familiar format but in a new form.

We celebrated the debut of the first musicBOOK in December 2021 with the concept album “Phoenix” by pianist Maria Radutu with her performance of musical rebirth. The dramaturgy of the compositions is underlined with the accompanying visual works under the name “Pictures of an Album” by artist Felicia Gulda.

Felicia und Maria beim signieren der ersten 100 limitierten Musicbooks im Dezember 2021

Using this example, the musicBOOK combines the two disciplines of music and painting as an illustrated book with accompanying texts of the personal and emotional approach of the two artists.

The musicBOOK can thus be described as a multimedia carrier that contains and transports all digital, analogue, but also emotional information. All in all, the musicBOOK enables a comeback for music lovers whose passion for collecting is awakened and who appreciate the haptic and authentic experience.