Milk & Honey – classical concert in a fresh approach

Together with the city of Wiener Neustadt, MORS Media is developing “Milk & Honey”, the new festival for innovative concert formats that will take place for the first time from 14 April – 12 May 2023. Classical music turned upside down for a city where usually rather the familiar, the traditions are celebrated. 

Honestly speaking, the plan of the artistic director Christoph Zimper and Kultur- und Tourismusmarketing Wiener Neustadt was quite bold and idealistic: a festival for innovative formats based on classical music, in a place where people travel to Vienna for the new or the great and rely exclusively on the familiar at home. MORS Media was invited to (co-)develop strategy, communication and cooperation possibilities and to accompany the implementation of this until the start of the festival in April 2023.

Thanks to a very competent team on site, the individual professionals needed for the realisation of a festival were already in place; for us it was a matter of bringing two worlds together: Artistic concept and event, musicians and audience and to bring the Viennese audience and cooperation partners, who are curious about these formats, to Wiener Neustadt.

We knew from our own experience how tangible the artistic content of the concerts would be, but also how difficult it is to inspire other people to be a part of it, because such experiences can hardly be put into words. Artists, composers and concepts were thus unknown to the local audience, and the festival’s target group focuses on a younger audience than classical music in general.

Together with the team in Wiener Neustadt and the artistic director, we jointly found the name of the festival, defined the core target groups, and defined and put on track the effective way to address precisely these groups – the first joint sense of achievement.

In two workshops with the entire project team, MORS Media developed an image concept from the music formats, including the associated marketing and communication campaign, which relies on the faces of “real” people from Wiener Neustadt, translating the programmes of the concerts into images, emotions and stories.

In the course of the months in which we were allowed to accompany the development of the festival, the enthusiasm for an initially hardly feasible, hardly comprehensible idea spread from the management to the team and finally to the audience at the kick-off concert in November 2022.

Join the Milch&Honig’s concerts and immerse yourself with us in a world where you can see AUDIO. Hear IMAGE. feel DANCE!

For everyone not coming from Wiener Neustadt, we have composed 3 fine and very affordable weekend packages that will be real overall experiences and christened these Princes Weekend, Sound & Vision Healing and The Classic Kaiser Weekend.