Our Team

Maria Radutu, Oliver Sartena, Kristina Bigler, Johanna Kam, Laurenz Sartena

Maria Radutu
Concept and Project Development

Maria, the internationally sought-after classical concert pianist with the ability to create ``first-class listening experiences`` (Samir H. Köck, Die Presse), is a creative firework of ideas and at the same time a real organisational genius with a strong urge for networked thinking.

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Oliver Sartena
Strategy Consulting and Business Development

Thanks to his ``down to earth`` style, Oliver knows how to get to the heart of the matter very quickly, without any detours. He knows the right questions and always thinks from the customer's point of view.

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Kristina Bigler
Art Direction und Product Design

Kristina is the one at MORS who gives projects a face, gives them visual life and makes them attackable with great attention to detail. Before Kristina draws the first line, she thinks carefully. About clients, worlds of experience, project goals, only then does she get started.

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Johanna Kam
Digital Media and Content Management

Johanna is a concert pianist, a card artist, studied maths and is a website creator at MORS. How does that work out? It's simple: as a true digital native, Johanna is not only incredibly quick in her head, but just as accurate and efficient in her implementation.

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Laurenz Sartena
Video and Media Production

Like everyone at MORS, Lenz comes from an artistic background. He spent his youth as a sought-after soloist with the Vienna Boys' Choir, so he knows exactly what it means to stand alone at the front of the stage and work in a team at the highest level. A true empathy emperor.

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