What is Frida the Panda at MORS doing?

You can go through the lion’s den or swim through a shark tank on the way to success. But you don’t have to. At MORS, we believe that it can also be done less aggressively. The strengths of people and the marketability of ideas can also be raised to the next, successful level without social Darwinism. That’s why we rely on Frida, the panda bear, who stands for the values of MORS Media like no other animal.

This cuddly partner has already helped us to grow up ourselves by giving us support and security. The strong animal is our ally to realise the sometimes big dreams together with our customers and clients.

For Maria, the convinced pacifist, Frida, the MORS panda, is the black, white and Asian proof that you don’t have to eat anyone else to grow big and strong. For Oliver, he is the one who takes the time in between to get to the bottom of things, to question exactly why and where, in order to take one step at a time with consistency on his path, instead of rushing in all directions at once and overlooking the forest for the trees.

And how does the bear sound in Romanian? … MOOOOOORRR!

Do you think this approach is a good fit for you and your concerns? Send us your first MORSezeichen and we will discuss everything else over a first coffee or tea, to which we cordially invite you!
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