Xperience – Austria’s best leisure community

MORS Media is working together with the Xperience team to develop the Xperience app with the aim of connecting people in an innovative way. Modern design, a young target group and creative marketing will create a platform for people in Vienna to meet new friends and experience activities together.

The idea of Xperience is quite simple: just as Tinder enables people to find partners online, Xperience digitises the search for friends during leisure activities. The app provides the perfect platform for users to find and get to know each other before meeting in the real world.

Even though the idea behind Xperience is simple, the challenge lies in the implementation. Building an active community in Vienna and monetising the business idea pose many questions for the young team of founders. That’s why Sophie, Simon, Jonas, Michael, Bernhard and Daniel are happy to have the strategic support of MORS Media to clear up precisely those questions in the joint strategy development.

Over the last few months, Oliver has worked with the Xperience team to answer key strategic questions and provide the necessary input to keep an eye on the long-term perspective despite the daily operational business. The fundamental work on the vision and overall strategy has enabled team cohesion and perspective, and the strategic support in community building has allowed the company to establish itself on the Viennese market.

The next big step that Xperience is going through together with MORS is the monetisation of the business idea and thus the next big growth spurt for the company.

Simon Becke, CEO: Even though we are only at the beginning of this joint process, working with Oliver has already helped us to achieve a real shift in our mindset. Because even though as a company founder you often see your idea as your “own baby”, there are so many things that you simply overlook. The joint strategic work has allowed us to discuss these “overlooked” topics and to tap into completely new potentials that would otherwise have been neglected in the daily routines. 

Together we will continuously sharpen the business idea in the coming months in order to remain Austria’s best leisure community. We are all united by the goal of connecting people and giving them the opportunity to make real friends in the real world. Together with MORS Media, Xperience will anchor its position on the Viennese market and become known beyond the Viennese market through joint strategic work.

More about Xperience & the Xperience app:


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