Maria Radutu

Concept and Project Development

Maria, the internationally sought-after classical concert pianist with the ability to create “first-class listening experiences” (Samir H. Köck, Die Presse), is a creative firework of ideas and at the same time a real organisational genius with a strong urge for networked, interdisciplinary thinking.

Maria is the first when it comes to finding the common denominator in complex tasks in such an approachable way for the customer. This principle can also be heard and experienced in Maria’s own projects as a pianist, in which she often combines multiple disciplines on stage.

Many concepts at MORS start with her but don’t end there, as she is a person who thinks and works in alliances, finding the bridge between art and entrepreneurship. When you’re stuck, Maria always finds another way out.

Oliver Sartena

Strategy Consulting and Business Development

Thanks to his “down to earth” style, Oliver knows how to get to the heart of the matter very quickly, without any detours. He knows the right questions and always thinks from the customer’s point of view.

Oliver is a role model when it comes to experiencing mistakes as helpers, bringing order and structure to projects and then presenting them in the best light. Trial & error runs through Oliver’s curriculum vitae: from the Vienna Boys’ Choir to Managing Director of Marketing at Wein & Co, founder and body bearer of Just Taste, to partner in crime in business development. He usually walks part of the way with his clients and calls this “Consulting plus”.

Thanks to his strong sense of observation, Oliver is able to push projects forward quickly, and with his sensitivity for customer needs, he immediately has the right marketing and sales strategy ready.

Kristina Bigler

Art Direction und Product Design

Kristina is the one at MORS who gives projects a face, gives them visual life and makes them attackable with great attention to detail. Before Kristina draws the first line, she thinks carefully. About clients, worlds of experience, project goals, only then does she get started.

Why can she do that? Simply because she is one of the finest interior designers in the city, who has also mastered the tools of the graphic designer. But it doesn’t end here, Kristina is stylistically confident like no other person and at the same time humble. That’s why she manages to think in terms of her clients’ needs instead of  prioritizing her own preferences.

In addition, Kristina is probably one of the most accomplished cake artists you can find in this country, “modelling to eat”. If you want to see more of this, just check out her Instagram profile k.leckerei

Johanna Kam

Digital Media and Content Management

Johanna is a concert pianist, a card artist, studied maths and is a website creator at MORS. How does that work out? It’s simple: as a true digital native, Johanna is not only incredibly quick in her head, but just as accurate and efficient in her implementation.

She sees the “golden nuggets” in everyone, loves to find practical solutions, to be the right hand in project realisations and adding value to them. A good combination, we would say.

Artistic excellence is Johanna’s top credo, she likes to think “out of the box”, which she proves in “Music & Cardistry”, her card art project with her twin sister, and she is also co-founder of the Subito Piano Quartet, an international award-winning piano quartet based in Vienna. Any questions? 

Laurenz Sartena

Project Management and Media Production

Like everyone at MORS, Lenz comes from an artistic background. He spent his youth as a sought-after soloist with the Vienna Boys’ Choir, so he knows exactly what it means to stand alone at the front of the stage and work in a team at the highest level. A true empathy emperor.

Laurenz, in addition to music, is a multimedia talent: image and sound editing are his greatest passion, and it is not without reason that he is also deepening his skills in this direction during his studies. Whenever MORS is about motion pictures and sound, Lenz has to get involved.

In addition, Lenz is a great wine lover – his father Oliver must have rubbed off on him. But he doesn’t make a big deal out of it, preferring instead to lead the wine team of our “Glasweise Klassiker” wine tastings at MuTH unpretentiously and with a steady hand.