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    Consulting +

    We listen carefully, advise with finesse and often walk a part of the journey with our clients

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    Business Development

    We work with start-ups and scale-ups on the growth of their business ideas

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    Music Formats

    We develop and market concepts and new music formats for musicians, festivals and promoters


Our client projects

Xperience – Austria’s best leisure community

MORS Media is working together with the Xperience team to develop the Xperience app with the aim of connecting people in an innovative [...]

PianoBox – when music learns to speak

PianoBox was one of Maria and Oliver’s first projects, it was developed from Maria’s desire to convey emotion and to have an even more personal interaction […]

Milk & Honey – classical concert in a fresh approach

Together with the city of Wiener Neustadt, MORS Media is developing “Milk & Honey”, the new festival for innovative concert formats that will take place […]

With a new profile and more structure to more concerts – Jasmina Kulaglich

Together in coaching with Oliver, Serbian pianist Jasmina Kulaglich used the pandemic break to sharpen her artist profile, realised concepts of […]

CEOs for Future – Music in leadership training

With her format “PianoBox”, Maria combines art with business and anchors emotional music mediation as an active part of the programme in trainings for executives.

Artist Branding for Heike Matthiesen

The “exceptional phenomenon of today’s guitar world”, Heike Matthiesen has her new website created by MORS Media and […]

musicBOOK – listen the way you like

MORS Media is developing a new form of haptic music experience in our increasingly networked digital world. The musicBOOK combines the best of both worlds […]

Defining Corporate Identity – Christoph Urbanetz

Gambist Christoph Urbanetz was one of MORS Media’s first musician coaching clients. The focus was on developing and defining his artistic brand […]

At MORS, everyone comes from the arts.

We therefore know that it takes a solid foundation, a great team backstage and the right combination of skills "on stage" to excel in front of the audience and customers.

Our Team

Maria Radutu, Oliver Sartena, Kristina Bigler, Johanna Kam, Laurenz Sartena

Maria Radutu
Concept and Project Development

Maria, the internationally sought-after classical concert pianist with the ability to create ``first-class listening experiences`` (Samir H. Köck, Die Presse), is a creative firework of ideas and at the same time a real organisational genius with a strong urge for networked thinking.

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Oliver Sartena
Strategy Consulting and Business Development

Thanks to his ``down to earth`` style, Oliver knows how to get to the heart of the matter very quickly, without any detours. He knows the right questions and always thinks from the customer's point of view.

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Kristina Bigler
Art Direction und Product Design

Kristina is the one at MORS who gives projects a face, gives them visual life and makes them attackable with great attention to detail. Before Kristina draws the first line, she thinks carefully. About clients, worlds of experience, project goals, only then does she get started.

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Johanna Kam
Digital Media and Content Management

Johanna is a concert pianist, a card artist, studied maths and is a website creator at MORS. How does that work out? It's simple: as a true digital native, Johanna is not only incredibly quick in her head, but just as accurate and efficient in her implementation.

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Laurenz Sartena
Video and Media Production

Like everyone at MORS, Lenz comes from an artistic background. He spent his youth as a sought-after soloist with the Vienna Boys' Choir, so he knows exactly what it means to stand alone at the front of the stage and work in a team at the highest level. A true empathy emperor.

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Why people are working together with us

Prof. Elke Hesse

Direktorin MuTH

„Wenn jemand „out of the box” denken will und kann, dann ist das für mich Maria und Oliver. Wie schön ist es PartnerInnen im Geiste zu haben, die sich sofort und auch mit der Gefahr des Scheiterns neuen Ideen öffnen und sie auch gleich mit voller Energie umsetzen.“

Andreas Mühlmann

Gründer von together.audio

„Ursprünglich für eine Fördereinreichung angefragt, war ich so überzeugt von der Herangehensweise des gesamten Teams, dass ich kurzerhand Oliver für die Produktentwicklung und Kristina für das Corporate Design ins Boot geholt habe.  Mit den beiden haben wir es geschafft, aus einem bloßen Gefühl ein marktreifes Produkt zu entwickeln, das genau diese Vision widerspiegelt. Sowohl Ergebnis als auch Kundenfeedback bestätigen immer wieder meine Entscheidung.“

Matthias Zauner

Lt. Kultur & Kommunikation Wr. Neustadt

„Auf der Suche nach kreativen Ansätzen das Wiener Neustädter „Milch+Honig Festival“ auch in Wien bekannt zu machen, sind wir auf MORS gestoßen. Heute sind Maria und Oliver nicht nur unser Link die Bundeshauptstadt, sondern auch integraler Bestandteil des Festival-Teams, was uns gemeinsam erfolgreich macht.“

Thomas Hüttl

Kochkurs Wien

„Ich hatte vor Mors noch nie jemanden konsultiert, der mir bei der Optimierung meiner Arbeit, von der Homepage bis zur Kundenkartei, vom professionellen Newsletter bis weit darüber hinaus beim Marketing und Verkauf geholfen hat: Irgendwas funktioniert hier besser als ich mir das je vorgestellt habe!“

Jasmina Kulaglich


``I have been working with Oliver in marketing and communication for musicians for two years. His professional knowledge, creativity and his human understanding have greatly helped me on my path. He changed my image as an artist in the media, improved my dealings with promoters, and extended my overall confidence. Any artist who will work with him will have valuable support on their journey. I highly recommend his so rare and powerful work.``

Simon Becke

CEO Xperience

„Die kniffeligen Fragen, die Oliver stellt, haben uns ermöglicht dem operativen Tagesgeschäft zu entkommen und durch die gemeinsame strategische Arbeit neue Potenziale zu erschließen.“

Univ. Prof. Christoph Zimper

Künstlerischer Leiter „Milch+Honig“

„Oliver gelingt es aus einem Haufen Individuen ein Team zu formen. Er beherrscht die feine Kunst der subtilen Motivation und weiß genau, was es braucht, um die Selbstwirksamkeit in einem Team zu entzünden.“

Lucca Lucian

Weltmeister der Mentalmagie

„Ein geradliniger, unprätentiöser Blick in der Analyse und keine Scheu vor verwegen scheinenden Ideen, das macht Oliver aus. Während andere Konzepte mit viel „Larifari“ produzieren, greift er zum Telefon und ruft die 5 wichtigsten Leute an, die es dafür braucht.“

Yvonne Pirkner

ON – Growth Mindset

„Oliver ist ein Vorbild, wenn es darum geht, Fehler als Helfer zu erleben, Struktur ins Chaos zu bringen und sich im besten Licht zu präsentieren. Er bringt Themen schnell und ohne Schnickschnack auf den Punkt.“

What is Frida the Panda at MORS doing?

You can go through the lion’s den or swim through a shark tank on the way to success. But you don’t have to. At MORS, we believe that it can also be done less aggressively. The strengths of people and the marketability of ideas can also be raised to the next, successful level without social Darwinism. That’s why we rely on Frida, the panda bear, who stands for the values of MORS Media like no other animal.

This cuddly partner has already helped us to grow up ourselves by giving us support and security. The strong animal is our ally to realise the sometimes big dreams together with our customers and clients.

For Maria, the convinced pacifist, Frida, the MORS panda, is the black, white and Asian proof that you don’t have to eat anyone else to grow big and strong. For Oliver, he is the one who takes the time in between to get to the bottom of things, to question exactly why and where, in order to take one step at a time with consistency on his path, instead of rushing in all directions at once and overlooking the forest for the trees.

And how does the bear sound in Romanian? … MOOOOOORRR!

Do you think this approach is a good fit for you and your concerns? Send us your first MORSezeichen and we will discuss everything else over a first coffee or tea, to which we cordially invite you!
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